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knight.gif pac.gif pacman.gif ag00295_.gif pacman_2.gif pacman_smoke.gif pacmanmedstok.gif sonic.gif ag00082_.gif ag00136_.gif ag00137_.gif yoyo.gif football_spinning_fire_trail.gif dice_terninger.gif dicex.gif ball.gif ball_1.gif ball_soccer.gif 3d_packman.gif card_ace.gif card_clubs.gif card_diamonds.gif card_spades.gif cards-01.gif cards-02.gif cards-03.gif chess-01.gif chess-02.gif chess-03.gif dice-02.gif dice-04.gif dice-05.gif dice-06.gif joypad-01.gif joystick-01.gif joystick-02.gif knight-05.gif sonic-02.gif quake-01.gif dice-03.gif mortal-01.gif mortal-02.gif cards-01 cards-02 cards-03 chess-01 chess-02 chess-03 dice-02 dice-03 dice-04 dice-05 dice-06 joypad-01 joystick-01 joystick-02 knight-05 mortal-01 mortal-02 quake-01 sonic-02 sport2 sport3 sport5 sport8 sport9 sport11
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