See the example menu on top of this page.

This is a static horicontal or vertical(can be selected in script) bar menu
It stays on the top and follows you down when you scroll down the page
the 2 level sub menus appears on mouseover or by clicking the titel(can be selected in script).
This menu is totaly created by the script file called staticmenu.js.
it is easy to figure out how to insert links or menu options, with background picture.
just see how i have set this menu up you see on top of page.
every setting in the setup of the menu and the layout is done whith variables.
Each variable has a good discription og the usage of this option.
allmost every thinkable option can be set here very easy.
amazing job by the maker of this menu.

Only one thing i cant get to work is the arrow images you can set up.
also when this script is used in frames there is a problem i havent solved.
if you load a file with this menu in a frame like my frame setup the menu never turns up but disappers.
only if you refresh page or is loading all frames again the menu turns up.
this make it not so useful when you call a new file with the menu you each time has to make a frames setup file.

Here is the code for the STATICMENU.JS file.
as you can see this is a big script.

Add this line to the <head> section of the pages you want this menu to appear on.

You can download the script with the images used here