Last Updated.: 08, Aug, 2013 NEW.: 3D Models Section UPDATED
Major Update, changed the MAIN MENU and the BABYLON 5 menu
Added a B5 3D MODELS button to the BABYLON 5 MENU
Which is a new section about B5 3D MODELS and my own 3D MODELS
SEE a more detailed information in the CHANGES and UPDATES HISTORY.

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finished changing all the pages with Babylon 5 Spaceships to my own version.
finished for now making the section about the planets and other locations in the Babylon 5 Show.
have totally changed the look of the page also.
made a babylon 5 topbar menu in javascript (my first good one) this one stay on top of the page all the time
and follow when you scroll down the page.
changed the page with Actors to a complete new page. Its now a allmost all CHARACTERS/ACTORS list
added the new topbar menu to this page.
Is still adding/working on this page and will continue to do this for a while
changed the pages with League Races, Main Races, Misc. Races to a new page called ALL THE RACES OF B5
added the new topbar menu to this page.
so now all info about the many races in Babylon 5 is in one big page, added a lot of new races with information also.
i think i now got allmost all the different races there is seen or told about in the Babylon 5 Show
is now working on adding the Races from the Novels.
adding a new submenu to the B5 UNIVERSE GUIDE called DEVICES/GADGETS
added the new topbar menu to this page.
this page will have all the different devices and gadgets seen in the show, when it is finisht
Changed the B5-Universe Guide Menu to a complete new one.
moved it to the titel bar frame so the info/data pages could be bigger
Added a new Submenu to the main menu called B5 Index.
written gadget/device number 105 description today.
added a UNIFORMS AND CLOTHES to the B5 GALLARI with 100 different items until now.
added a list of GADGETS and DEVICES to the video/movie items episode INDEX.
added a B5 Smiley curser to the Babylon 5 section.
written gadget/device number 126 description today.
added more UNIFORMS AND CLOTHES to the B5 GALLARI with 122 different items until now.
made a lot of different cursers and added a new curser to many different places.
made some new B5 animations with spaceships and ground vehicle´s.
added 2 more unknown races.
added 2 more race description´s to the all races menu.
played a lot with CSS programing which can be noticed many places.
just look at this start page how it is made.
written gadget/device number 140 description today.
stopping for a while with the gadgets (still have 10-15 gadgets to add later).
Added 30 Ranger Profiles to my Character Profiles Section.
added 8 Babylon 5 cursers and 112 Icons to the Galleri section.
added a Personal Notes and a FUN and JOKES in the B5 SHOW to the APPENDIX section.

Added my STAR TREK section to Smikes World.
made the star trek section over 2 years ago and didn't think of using small letters only in the links so a lot of them dont work.
i didn't make the STAR TREK section to be put on the internet, but now that i got a homepage
and my web hotel have just doubled my space for the same price so her it is.
i have begun correcting all the faults now so i have stopped working on the Babylon 5 section for now.
Many of the pages in star trek is in danish but can be switch to english, if you are danish and read english read the english discriptions they are better.

added GROUND VEHICLES to the SPACESHIPS section.
finished with GADGETS and DEVICES with gadget number 157....

Is allmost finished with B5-COMPLITIA.
Have dokumented all there is to document, only missing a few races, which i am still working on.
also found out that i miss furniture seen in the show, so this is the next project.
Also more UNIFORMS can be added.
And the GLOSSARY BOOK can also be bigger so i add 2-6 new word's once in a while between other work.
but basicly i have covered everything in the Babylon 5 show/movies/books as i think there is to cover.
so B5-Complitia is sadly for me (i liked making it) FINISHED...................

Have added 4 new races to the ALL RACES section.
Have added a lot of the Spaceships to the GLOSSARY BOOK.
have begun to collect furniture pictures but havent found out where to put them in.

must admit using a lot of time correcting errors in the STAR TREK section.
shows out that i have used big letters in practically all the different links (and there is many).
and the internet server will only work with small letters and a link dont work if just one letter is big.
also found out that there is a ton of other error's and faults so i am trying to eliminate ass many as i can find.
(must admit the STAR TREK section is only added so i have something to work on since my B5 menu is practically finish. but most of the work is boring like correcting big letters to small letters so it is going a little slow)
Is also adding new stuf in to the STAR TREK section while i am working on the errors.
NOTE that most of the STAR TREK section is both in danish and in english.

Would like to make the B5-COMPLITIA menu in danish also, but this will be a huge task, allmost like making it all over again.
Also strangely enough but i am better to explain it in english and even have to use a dictonary
to find the exact danish word for a english word i completly know what means.

Totally changed my babylon 5 spaceships section.
changed the spaceship manual, moved the menu to the top frame
made 3d animations of ALL the spaceships.
added a few spaceships there was missing in the manual, now got ALL spaceships.
added a picture frame to all the 3D animations in the spaceship section.
added a JAVA APPLET menu with a lot of java games.

added 800 new WEB ANIMATIONS to the SCI-FI GALLERI section
made some changes to the babylon 5 section.
added synopses for the episodes, movies and the books.
added 52 new AOG/CUSTOM spaceships.
corected some errors in the spaceships section.
corected a lot of errors in the STAR TREK section.
added star trek voyager spaceships seen in the episodes.
added some 30 new star trek animations to the star trek galleri.

Dropped all work on B5 and Star-Trek and started work on a ANDROMEDA ASCENDANT Section.
Decided to start with episode one and just work my way throug the episodes.

Have worked my way throug season 1-2 and most of season 3 in my Andromeda section.
Have decided to launch my Andromeda Manual today even thoug seson 4 and 5 is missing.
Have made a Characters, Crew, Planets, Species, Spaceships, Galleri and Timeline section.

Have finished season 3 and is ready to start on season 4.
added an ENCYCLOPAEDIA section to the Andromeda manu.
This is actual a mini database and glossary over the Andromeda universe.
It includes Characters, Events, Gadgets, Locations, Planets, Spaceships and Weapons seen in the episodes.

Just finished episode 4x05 going to 4x06.
Added a SIZE CHARTS section to the Andromeda Menu.

Just finished episode 4x14 going to 4x15.
Added a SYNOPSES section to the Andromeda Menu.

Just finished episode 5x22 and the end of the Andromeda episodes.
Added a GADGETS menu to the Andromeda section.
Made a lot of animations to the Andromeda section.
Stopped all work on my STAR TREK section since i found out that nobody visites it
But i am happy since my stat's show a average of 20 people visits my site every day.
Its mostly my Babylon 5 Spaceships section they visits.
but also my Andromeda section is beginning to get visitors.

Allmost finished with my Andromeda section is still adding gadgets to it but only have a few left.
Found my new project a nice sci-fi serie called FARSCAPE (actually a very good show.)

Finished my Andromeda section.
Started on my Farscape section.

Finished my Farscape section and updated the site.

Found out that nobody visits my JAVA APPLETS section.
exchanged the JAVA APPLETS section with a JAVASCRIPTS section.
Here i have collected all the JAVASCRIPTS used on my site.

Changed the layout of my STARTPAGE.
Removed the todays date from the TITEL BAR moved it to the STARTPAGE.

Changed the layout of my STARTPAGE.
removed a lot of the text to make it smaller so there is no need to scroll down the page
fixed the BOTTOM DOWNLOAD LINKS except for the 3DS and LWO file sections
fixed the BOTTOM 3D ANIMATIONS LINK so all animations now works
Changed the section with SPACESHIPS in REAL 3D VIEW.
added more ships to the 3d wrl files viewer both babylon 5 and star trek models

Major Update, changed the MAIN MENU and the BABYLON 5 menu
deleted the SCI-FI GALLERY button in MAIN MENU
deleted the SIZE CHARTS button in MAIN MENU
since these two options also is avaible in each of the scifi shows menues
Added a PERSONLIG button to MAIN MENU
this is a private section in danish for familly and friends
Added a B5 3D MODELS button to the BABYLON 5 MENU
Which is a new section about B5 3D MODELS and my own 3D MODELS

Babylon 5 Animations BABYLON 5 Animation´s Star Trek Animations StarTrek Animation´s Farscape Animations
Farscape Animation´s

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